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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who is that masked man?

This was last Sunday when the sun was shining bright -- not today when the snows are flying again but not too seriously.  The snow and ice are still clinging to the north slopes and the shaded areas of the woods.  Two pathways can only be tread, still, in yak-traks-covered boots.  

So birdwatching is de rigueur from the kitchen windows.  I am trying to catch the birds in flight but am also coming up with little tableaux like this inquiring house finch and cardinal.  Is that sun flower seed shell falling from his beak?

Yesterday Willow and I tried to follow the cry of the Sand Hill Crane.  He or she was across the road, up a hill, and try as we might, he kept himself unseen but heard, oh so close.  We came back home and heard him once more, and then, could see him flying overhead and to the south.  No photos of him, just the sky where he had been!


  1. I love your dog - but I don't get cardinals on my bird table - but I do get goldfinch - greenfinch and brambling - I have googled Sandhill Cranes - and they appear to have a red cap on their heads is that correct - certainly a magnificent bird

  2. Beautiful house finch. I have a few of those here and tons of purple finches. Together they are not so hard to tell apart. Last spring, coming back across Nebraska from visiting the grandkids in Colorado, we saw literally thousands of sandhills along the Platte River. Truly one of the wonders of nature....

  3. Jane, yes, the Sandhills have a red cap and yes they are magnificent!

    troutbirder, the purples are the rare ones here, but there was a pair hanging around last winter. I think I have captured the female in a photo but can't seem to capture the male. I would love love to see the Platte River migration. We are in a flyzone of sandhills who winter in florida, but much smaller numbers than you saw.