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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Ramiferous on ABC Wednesday

It feels like I am rather reaching with this R-word.  The recent snow and cold has reduced my rationality and rattled my brain.  Sensible restraint has been relinquished and I reluctantly offer you “ramiferous,” defined as bearing branches. 

The first Google entry (ramiferous in botany) is from a less than recent 1832 report and the next from 1920.  Before I retract this recondite entry, let me retire repentantly.  I do not want to leave you recumbent and so I refer you to Reggae music to revive you!  And check out this story from NPR on the newest Reggae stars: Non-Jamaican Reggae: Who's Making It And Who's Buying It


  1. Oh, SWEET post! Both chilling and heart-warming!

  2. Your post made me smile! Great words!!! I have never heard of ramiferous and so I was glad you put the definition along side.

  3. The photo of the branches in winter is beautiful and I really like the black and white treatment.