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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Victuals on ABC Wednesday

A vintage kind of word for this week's ABC Wednesday: victuals.  Defined as food fit for human consumption, three of its synonyms also start with v: viand or vittles or vivers.  

Never quite certain what vibes or little voices in my head cause me to visit a particular word to visually share with you.  But this vitamin-filled breakfast omelet (spinach, mushrooms, yellow peppers, one real egg and 1/2 cup egg substitute) with homemade whole wheat artisan bread (also with a butter substitute) inspired me to find the camera when Gene served it up several weeks ago.  And by the way, that is V-8 juice in the glass.  I know I didn't have ABC Wednesday in mind, it just look so delicious -- and it was.  Gene could be a very successful victualier.  Best be voracious when approaching a breakfast creation by Gene!

As some of you know, many weeks I share with you my wanderings through references to the word that is my "victim" of the week, finding amazingly that I am never really alone in using even unusual words.  For example, go to the Vintage Victuals,  a blog by Ellie to share old-fashioned and family recipes.   Or just explore good foods and their photos at Brooke's Victuals & Libations blog.  If you want someone else to good bread for you and you live in Berkeley,  California, try Vital Vittles,  an organic mill and bakery.

To read the fascinating history of the airlift of food to Berlin during 1948-49, called Operation Vittles, check out this excellent Wikipedia article on the background of a divided Berlin, the Soviet Blockade, and the US and British response.  Keep reading and don't miss the story of Colonel Gail Halvorsen who dropped candy to the children of Berlin (they called them "raisin bombs"), an idea adopted by all the Allied pilots and called Operation Little Vittles.

I must admit to being a victim of verbomania......  Vive la verbose!!!  And please visit more purveyors of vivacious V words at ABC Wednesday.


  1. love spinach and mushroom omelets! Also the word vittles, which reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. So that's where the word vittles comes from. Thanks for the education.

  3. V for Victuals, and right in time for my lunch. VERY good!

  4. Definitely looks a delicious way to start the day.
    Joy, ABC Team

  5. Thank you for your comment on my post,your omelette looks very healthy and yummy.Love Jill xx