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Friday, July 23, 2010

Rolling across the lake

A photo from our June days on Lake Michigan, it shows a morning storm coming across the lake.  A much stronger set of storms rolled into southern Michigan last night after leaving Milwaukee and southern Wisconsin soaked with over seven inches of rain.  But the high winds (determined to be small tornadoes by the national weather service observers) stayed just north of the most southern counties on the Indiana border.  But today should bring more storms as it begins with a temperature of 77 and a humidity reading of 90.  The air assaults you as you open the door -- oh, to be back on the beach which is almost always cooler than inland!

What a contrast with last year:  "July 2009 goes into the record books as the coldest July ever in Grand Rapids, MI with an average temperature (an average of all the high and low temperatures for the month) of 67.1°.  It’s also the first July when the temperature in Grand Rapids failed to reach 85°."  From the Grand Rapids WOOD TV meteorologist, Bill Steffins.

For less stormy skies, your best bet might be Skywatch Friday.


  1. Beautiful! I like how you framed the view with the sillhouette of trees :D

  2. I love your header, with the waves rolling onto the sandy beach! But the colours in the sky of your sunset photo are just so perfect!!! I love the trees framing them, too!

  3. Great Lakes storms are always so photogenic!
    Great catch!

  4. WOW! I have some pictures that look like they were taken at the same spot!!!! VERY PRETTY!! Nice colors.

  5. I guess it's not exactly the same! http://nopolar.blogspot.com/2010/07/another-sunset-in-porkies-for-up-trip.html

    I have bunches of these. SO pretty up there!