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Friday, July 16, 2010

Stormy weather

Yes, stormy weather with several waves over two hours of torrential rain, thunder and lightening, electricity interrupted briefly, all last evening, with a promise that a cooling off would follow.  Well it did cool off for about an hour.  But the humidity did not go away and the temperatures will again go over 90 today.   The sky is no longer stormy but the air still exudes a hot sticky oppressive feel.  Am I complaining?  YES!   Everything is growing quickly, except my will power to go out there and deal with the jungle of summer.  So join me in staying inside and enjoying a tour of the skies of the world on SkyWatch Friday.


  1. I live in Arkansas so I deal with lots of humidity. There are times it is flat out foggy looking at twilight because of it.

  2. am also sitting inside on a stinking humid day, dreaming of foreign skies.