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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stargazer in the morning

One of the glories of any garden are the lilies, be they Orientals or Asians or Daylilies.  These Stargazers were dripping with dew and exuding stunning beauty on our recent humid mornings. 

In reading about this hybrid Oriental lily, I learned that it is a fairly new addition to the lilium family developed by a California breeder and introduced in 1978.  Called "star gazer" because its blossoms look up to the sky, it is the only lily in my garden to survive the deer who love, just love, the tender buds of lilies.  One time forgetting to spray with "deer and rabbit off" and the buds are done for!  I know it is not my cats who are eating them because their beauty is deadly to cats, and my cats are still in the business of dealing out death on their own to mice and voiles.......

Here is a site, The Lily Pad Bulb Farm, where you can explore and/or buy bulbs of many kinds of lilies and other bulbous plants.  Stargazers are so popular that they are available in any garden store or garden department at any big box store.

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  1. They smell heavenly and the reason behind my business' name: Stargazer Studio. Thanks for sharing a gorgeous pic!