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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You better not go in the woods today....

It is not the Teddy Bears Picnic, but is firearm deer hunting season for the next two weeks. So I am going into the woods via my photographs of my favorite woodsy friends, mushrooms.   Although today's entry is from my front yard which had been newly mulched.  These gray-topped guys are not something I have usually seen in our woods, so they were a special treat.

I am well aware that not all share being fans of fungus, but I am fascinated by their popping up every now and then and their varied shapes and colors.  So I will continue this week to share some recent new friends with you!


  1. Hunting has started around here as well. I heard plenty of shots when I was on the golf course last weekend. Makes me sort of nervous.

    I like fungi. These two look like little umbrellas. Look forward to seeing more!

  2. I think that fungus is interesting...so many kinds and they make for great photos...