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Thursday, November 18, 2010

You better not go in the woods today....no. 2

I can tell you where I found this lovely, but not what it is named.  Sorry.  I have tried with many mushroom guides but there are just too many mushrooms who look alike.  So here we are in the woods along Miners River in Pictured Rock National Lakeshore with this unnamed speciman.  To me it looks like a pierogi (the Polish version of an Italian ravioli).  I must be hungry!  The best homemade pierogis I ever had were when we were camped a Laura Lake near Armstrong Creek, Wisconsin.  Armstrong Creek was settled at the beginning of the 20th century by Polish immigrants recruited from Chicago to the "farmland" of northern Wisconsin.  They arrived to find only forest not farmland, but stayed and built a community that still celebrates its Polish roots.


  1. Buffalo had a large polish population with a large festival in the summer with lots of food....Michelle

  2. It's a very pretty 'shroom in any case! It looks so clean and white.