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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

You better not go in the woods today....last day!

I know some of you are feeling, "oh thank heavens, this will be the last day of the fungus series," and it is in terms of this year's firearms season for deer hunting......  But do not underestimate how many fungus portraits I have to share with you!
These beauties are just one small section of a fallen log in the woods next to the house.  About 30 feet long it is a veritable forest of fungus in many colors and sizes but all of this particular fan-shaped variety.  At first they reminded of me of clam or mussel shells.  The greenish ones are now making me think of leaves.  What do you see?


  1. I have enjoyed your "fun guy" shots. This one is quite pretty!

  2. thanks Halcyon and B2! I will bring you more "fun guys"!