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Friday, January 7, 2011

morning, oh so lovely after a snowfall

These January days give us dark winter mornings, except on a morning like today, after a snow fall when the white crystals of water called snowflakes transform everything and make you exclaim as you open the door, Oh!   In the face of the crisp yet soft beauty, you forget that it will have to be shoveled away as some point in the day.  You trudge gratefully through drifts not worried that the sun might not shine today through the clouds blowing off Lake Michigan.   And if the sun were to appear, it would rise just behind the lighted windows of the house, as if in answer to its beckoning glow.


  1. My original comment was eaten. :(

    It's a gorgeous scene. I love the blue-ish light.

  2. Halcyon, I think the blue is the color of dawn on a winter morning from the bluish cast of the snow.

  3. I love the glow coming out of the small window amongst the wonderful snow by evening light! A marvelous photo!