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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Once more the Mighty Mac

Yes, once more we are crossing THE bridge of Michigan between the lower and upper peninsulas, the Mackinac (pronounced mak-in-aw) Bridge, or the Mighty Mac or the Big Mac.  The clouds do reflect my sadness at leaving the Upper Peninsula again, although unlike before retirement I didn't actually cry! 

I recommend a Jim Harrison novel, Sun Dog, to you.  It tells the story of one man from the UP who worked on the building the bridge in the 1950's.

I also recommend Louis LaVache's Sunday Bridges for more bridges to somewhere!


  1. I love Mackinac Island AND the bridge. Brings back great memories. I love the dark steel of the bridge against that beautiful sky!

  2. «Louis» thanks you for the recommendation (both of the book and to his blog!) - and for your participation in Sunday Bridges.

  3. The shape of the towers on this bridge remind «Louis» of the towers on the suspension section of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge. (More so the Bay Bridge than the Golden Gate, which is more Art Deco in design.)