Exploring Fabius Township and St. Joseph County, Michigan, with side trips all over this Great Lakes state

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Entering "fabulous Fabius"

You will no longer see a map where the county roads are still marked with a number as on this sign denoting the boundary of the township and the city.  County Rd 105 is Hoffman Road after this sign, Street until you reach the sign after you cross US 131.  Still called by its number.  But Michigan 216 is now Marcellus Highway.  Is there more romance in the Michigan soul than the Federal Government's? 


  1. That's why I love old maps. You should see the one Mary P. gave me - from 1924. Which roads do you think were paved back then?
    (Falstaff Wednesday at the Riviera at 7pm - trying to get some people together to go, show support for opera in 3R! Can you come?)

  2. Definitely,love old maps and will be there for Falstaff

  3. oh, and roads paved: not even 131!