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Thursday, January 21, 2010

not only a bear but a moose can be hidden in an old tree

Close to us is a farmstead that has been a duck farm and is now a small engine repair shop for outdoor equipment.  With a chainsaw, a friend transforms old tree stumps into sculptures -- the bear, the moose, an eagle (currently under snow cover), and a cowboy with his horse (the heads of each).  There are lights around the moose's neck lit by the small solar panel to the left -- there are nights when they do not shine.
And yes, despite all my moaning about it yesterday, the sun is shining off and on today; the clouds are rolling in and out like a sonata for wind, clouds, and sun.


  1. I like what your friend is doing, turning the stumps into works of art!

  2. What a talent! I'm amazed by all the different forms art can take.