Exploring Fabius Township and St. Joseph County, Michigan, with side trips all over this Great Lakes state

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Further afield


  1. a typical southwest Michigan field, one year corn, one year soybeans,and always a woods left to border it. The gray is typical of winter this close to Lake Michigan, our version of Seattle skies.

  2. The grey sky is now breaking into tiny pieces and falling all over the ground, more and more, for hours now. Sometime today I have to venture out to find dog food, the can is almost empty...
    Three Rivers Daily Photo

  3. Well, you're lucky in a way, it'c cold, windy and rainy here.
    Looks like some forgotten steel sculpture.
    Absolutely love your header!

  4. By the way... I am french, and one of our former prime minister's name is Laurent Fabius...

  5. Beautiful---but very cold shots.
    I love the one of the Cardinal at the feeder.
    I suppose the irrigation pipes are frozen anyway. MB