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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

traditional connections to the world

As I add these words and picture to the Web, questions come to mind: How long will there be newpapers to deliver to these boxes?  Both of ours from Three Rivers and Kalamazoo get slimmer every day.  And will the USPS  survive? 


  1. I hope so.... local news just isn't available from Fox, although if you tune in at ten, you can hear all about what some actress somewhere did/wore/said/ drank/divorced...
    That's the important news, no one cares about the rest. Example: Yesterday the Gazette reported that wal/mart cute shiny jewelry for little girls is loaded with toxic cadmium, but will that keep even one person out of wal/mart?

  2. we are discussing what paper we will subscribe to when the Gazette is gone. What will you do?