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Monday, May 24, 2010

Can you stand one more spring bloom?!

Yes, finally, the rhododendron are blooming out here in the country.  What can I say, except, aren't they gorgeous?!  We have had fantastic rains several times in the last couple weeks and the growth produced by those waterings is wonderful.  The iris are the best in years with four blooms to each stalk and some are doubles.  The regular peonies are just starting to pop open.  Big debate in our family about whether it take ants on the buds for them to open.

Wonderful, unless you are the one who mows the paths during the heat wave that started yesterday with temperatures of 85 as far north as Grand Rapids.  Today the local weathermen are giddy with the thought of hitting 90 in May, warmer than we ever got last July.   Already Gene is muttering about when will fall come.


  1. You are almost as hot as we are.

  2. When you head this way, it could be cool again..... boo hiss.

  3. Hasn't the weather been funny this spring. We had 90 again today in north central WI. until the storm hit and the temp dropped 26 degrees in less than 10 minutes.
    There is ALWAYS room for one more bloom. Their life is so short that we have to enjoy them while we can.
    As for those ants on your peonies, my Grams always said that they were necessary not only for bloom but for next years crop. I personally don't like them on my peonies, lil buggers.

  4. Every flower is a treasure to me, I love seeing the slow parade. Nice one on top, too (banner!)