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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Red is for rhubarb on ABC Wednesday

A range of choices today: R for red or rhubarb or rhododendron or retriever or rusty, but always Rock n Roll!  (Speaking of which,  for fans of The Doors, there is a great documentary film on them on PBS American Masters.)

Ah, but back to my rhubarb plant for a minute.  Those luscious looking leaves are poisonous, but the tart red stalks make tasty pies and a rhubarb sauce on vanilla ice cream is scrumptious.  They are those though who refuse to go near a dish with rhubarb in it.   The rhubarb belongs to the Rheum genus and grows from rhizomes.  Could we get any more R's than this out of one image?!  Well, let's see: it has grown for centuries in Russia near the Volga River.  But the Chinese have used it for thousands of years; it is mentioned in an herb-root compilation from around 2700 BCE.   Check out this excellent Wikipedia article.

Find many more results for R at ABC Wednesday.  While you roam through the riveting blogs with images of R, enjoy a piece of refreshing rhubarb pie!


  1. Love rhubarb!! craving some rhubarb pie to go with my coffee, mmmhhh!!

    R is for...

  2. hee hee...
    This reminds «Louis» of the time he tried to make a rhubarb pie. It was his first attempt at doing so and he failed to account for how much rhubarb cooks down. The result was more like a rhubarb pop tart than pie!


  3. I like rhubarb, although during the last few years I've only ever had it from the jar (we hardly do cans of veggies in the Netherlands).

  4. Really Rockin' Rhubarb Reminiscence!

    When I was a kid, my mom told us the leaves were poisonous so of course, being kids we dared each other to eat them to find out. We all ate some and none of us got sick.

    Man, kids do stupid things!

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday Team, Thanks for participating this week. Hope you can join us again next week.


  5. Never been fond of the rhubarb. But I like your photo!

  6. I wouldn't touch it as a child. Haven't tried it as an adult. Will have to change that this summer.

  7. strawberry rhubarb pie w vanilla ice cream - thank you very much!
    ROCK and/or Roll, as the Simpsons' minister once said.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team