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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My world this Tuesday

"A hard rain's a gonna fall" is the reality of this Tuesday in Fabius Township.  All is green and growing so fast that even our "wild look" landscaping that features very little mowing is getting beyond us.  But today the rain gives a respite from the work outside.

We are emerging from two weeks of daily concerts at the Gilmore Keyboard Festival in Kalamazoo 25 miles north of us.  Finally I wore out and good only keep up with the concerts and not the blog.  The Festival is a marvelous orgy of music all day, every day, every two years.  We heard old favorites and experienced music we did not know from composers of the 19th and 21st century.  If you love the piano, think about visiting Kalamazoo in two years for the next festival.  It is a beautiful time to be in Michigan!

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  1. Sounds like fun ...my cousin lives in Kalamazoo. Must try to visit him when the next concert takes place!

  2. This is a great festival -- come one, come all in 2012!

  3. Love your Q word...tho I cannot say it. The vine does look familiar like something we have in WI too...a cucumber vine...terrible invasive plant but I have a hard time eliminating anything that's still green with our drought. I will have to send my sister your way...she is also a MI gal at CherShots.