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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On ABC Wednesday, S is for Slab

as in this exquisite work of slab glass by Fabius Township artist and good friend, Joan Hector.  This version of a Celtic cross is installed at the top of the half flight of stairs leading to my "room with a view."

What is slab glass?  Here is what the Benko Glass Company, where the glass in Joan's creation came from, has to say:
Dalle de Verre (Slab Glass)
"Dalle De Verre is a technique that was developed in Europe for use in early Christian churches.  Originally colored chunks of glass were set into stone or clay.  The panel medium was updated in the twentieth century with the use of concrete.  Eventually in the 1950's epoxy resin was used because of its bonding capabilities and thermal expansion characteristics."

And I discovered that "slab" is a mighty word, with meanings far beyond glass bricks.  We apply it to bacon, meat, cheese, concrete, stone, and wood.  That at least is what I thought of until I checked it out on the Web.  Slab can be an old car -- slow, low, and banging.  But in Australia it is a case of beer.  Other slang meanings I dare not repeat here.  And last but not least there is the Sound and Literary Art Book from Slippery Rock University.

I salute the ABC Wednesday team for sending me sleuthing once more!


  1. It's gorgeous to begin with and what interesting information you've included! Thanks! Great post for the day! Have a great evening!


  2. Thank you, Sylvia! I feel very lucky to see this window every day.

  3. It's gorgeous! interesting explanation as well.

    S is for street and...

  4. Gorgeous window. Lucky you. Thanks for the education.

  5. Beer! I did not know that.
    Lovely glass.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  6. What a gorgeous stained glass window. And you have that in your home? Lucky you...

  7. How fortunate to have such art in your daily view. WOW. I love that you included so much history about the glass. Very interesting indeed. Beer, huh? "Go figure...gotta take me slab to the slab joint so I can enjoy my slab. Wonder if they have a fine lookin' slab to gaze outa while I down a slab while knawing on a slab? Hmm "

  8. This is a spectacular window. I love those deep colors.

  9. That's pretty. Thank you for the computer, program information too!

  10. Wow-I learned yet another meaning to slab glass! I didn't know it in this context-I've known it as the glass that comes out of the bottom of the large containers at the glass factories. I have large chunks of this glass.