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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

High winds and glass

Glass is on my mind this morning as tornado watches and warnings with high wind warnings blanket the upper midwest and in particular southwest Michigan.  Extremely odd weather for us.  All the rural schools are closed for the day and the sky is full of scuttling clouds, while between bouts of wind and rain an eery calm prevails.  We have battened down the hatches -- the bird feeders and the wind chimes all taken down -- and are waiting for first wave of storms to blow through.  And then I thought about all that Chihuly glass pieces outdoors up in Grand Rapids.  If you are the curator of such an exhibit (which will close on October 31 after being held over an additional month), what do you do?! 


  1. Hope you weather the storm. I'm not hearing good things about this storm.

  2. I guess they can only pray it doesn't hit them - hope you will keep safe.

  3. Hope your weather improves. We've got some crazy stuff going on down here too. Love the Chihuly. His work is so interesting.