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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kennedy Poster, 1968

For those of you who were part of the discussion on The Pedagogue's (Leslie in Van Can) remembrance of JFK (see her post for the letter K) on ABC Wednesday, here is my promised RFK campaign poster from the 1968 presidential primary in Indiana.  A friend drew this poster and I went door to door with Kennedy literature.  Several homes I visited invited me in to see their framed pictures of JFK.  It was quite an emotional campaign for me.  As we all know, that Kennedy bid for the presidency ended with Bobby's death in Los Angeles in June, 1968.  I was watching the late news in order to find out if he had won the California primary only to also then hear the first bulletin with the news of the shooting.  The site of the hotel where he was shot is now the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools, a K-12 school complex that cost $578 million and just opened amid much criticism of the cost.


  1. What a perfect poster! He really did believe in equal rights and how wonderful you had an opportunity to be a part of his campaign. By the way, you've linked to someone else instead of to me. Others might like to see the comments I received. Thanks & have a great weekend. :D

  2. Leslie, thanks for your comments and discovering my boo boo trying to link to your post.