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Monday, June 7, 2010

Another era

It makes me sad to drive past the lineup of machines with the "For Sale" sign in front of them.  This centenarian tractor is being sold because the man who farmed this land can no longer do so. Like most farmers in the county, he kept the farm going by having a second job.  In this case the job was digging basements, and mine was one of them.

Last year was the jubilee of the jubilee of this Ford tractor he once used.  I don't even know if Ford still makes tractors.  In the masthead is the Ford pickup which is lined up with this, another tractor, and a plow.  Interested? 

Although this farmland is no longer cultivated, there are many fields around it that are.  And land just west of this old farm which has lain fallow for as long as I can remember has just been cleared of brush and tilled once more. Don't know what crops will be planted but pretty sure it will be corn or soybeans, the crops in demand by the Pioneer and Monsanto seed production facilities in the county.


  1. I like your new header photo!

    It's sad to see the old times pass. But hopefully you'll get some young, hard-working replacements.

  2. It is sad, to see so many farms gone by the wayside. The Jubilee probably has a good 30-40 yrs. left in her. What a treasure. So glad to hear that old soil is being made new again.
    Love this entry,...AND the ol' Ford Pickup header.

  3. WOW! Does this take «Louis» back in time!
    His grandfather had one of those Ford Jubilee tractors, and his uncle (son of the grandfather with the Ford tractor) had a Ford pickup like that, except in blue.

  4. Louis, too many coincidences here! But maybe it is just the farming in the Midwest that has done it!