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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nature's symmetry

Gene found this old turtle in the drive, headed where we do not know.  Blakes's phrase "fearful symmetry" comes to mind, but I am not sure the "fearful" applies here.  I have tried to identify him, but so far have failed.  Here is another view when Gene picked him up to move him out of the driveway.

That fellow in the masthead was in the vineyard last week and got very shy when I tried to get down on his level for the shot.


  1. (GRIN)
    He's almost well-enough camouflaged to escape notice.

  2. He's very pretty. The ones around here don't have those lines and colors. Or they're too covered with mud to tell!

  3. Nice. It reminds me somehow of the toad that jumped into the house today.