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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So fetching this vetch for ABC Wednesday

Crown vetch is everywhere blooming its heart out right now.   I was happy when it migrated off the banks of the neighbor's road into the meadow and it is all around the house now where I have kept the landscaping natural, i.e., no grass to mow.

But now I learn two facts: that it is not really a "vetch" but a legume and not really a good choice for ground cover or erosion control.  It may be fetching to some but it is a pest to many.  Originally from the countries bordering the Mediterranean and Southwest Asia, it is considered an invasive plant that will exclude native plants.  Indiana to the south of us actively discourages its use as do Wisconsin and Minnesota.  The City of Ann Arbor is trying to eradicate it.  It does climb over everything in its path.  Here it is climbing up the Russian Olive also considered an invasive species.  I am surrounded!  But maybe I am an invader, too?  Thoughts to ponder at night in the country as we try to get the right balance in our world.
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  1. So pretty, but I never knew it's name. Now I do. Thanks.

  2. It may be an invader, but it's a pretty one!

  3. Excellent. It's hard to get the right balance at this point in time, isn't it? :)

  4. is THAT what they're caled; I never knew.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. I have fought this stuff on our property and have at last decided to allow it a small space. Unless it becomes too energetic, then I may have to rethink that decision.

  6. So, you are telling us that many kvetch about vetch?

  7. I think it's pretty. I like that shade of pink.

  8. Thanks so much for your contribution – I was totally transfixed by the sheer loveliness of such an unassuming plant!

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