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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Easy picking!

It's time to pick sweet cherries and the trees are loaded at Corey Lake Orchards.  Willow and I wandered the rows of trees and could not believe how easy the picking will be.  There are four varieties of sweet cherries to pick and these are the blush.  There are still come strawberries for sale as well as rhubarb and the hot house tomatoes are ripe and red and delicious.   By the way, the cherries are delicious, too.

It has been a tough spring for fruit growers though.  Early warmth and then freezes have cause many apples to drop off the trees. Rain and hail damage affected the strawberries in their crucial last week of ripening. Nature gives and also takes away. 

P.S.  And after the big rains Willow found all sorts of mud to roll in; she has not ever done a better job of covering herself with gunk.  A friend says that the largest part of a Golden's brain is dedicated to seeking out the putrid of the world.  Willow's brain is right up there with the best!

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  1. Lucky you to have all those cherries to pick. We have had a long warm spring so not so many issues with fruit loss.