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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Under the bridge

Roaring overhead (just kidding) is M-107 leading into Porcupine Mountains Wildnerness State Park.   Quietly flowing underneath it is the Union River as it enters Lake Superior.  The Union is on the eastern boundary of the park and the Presque Isle River is the western boundary.  It is September and there was no one else on the beach with us that day.  Perfect!  Also no bugs.  Even more perfect!
Just turn around and here is the view looking inland:
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  1. What a great spot. I'll have to check it out this summer.

  2. ooh, did not expect that second view!!
    it does look a lovely calm spot that those drivers zipping over the bridge would be missing out on.

  3. Such a lovely scene. I like the way the bridge makes a natural frame for the photo. Very nice!