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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

From the sublime to the ridiculous: K's for ABC Wednesday

When I kicked around K words in my mind, it was places and products that came first. 
Kalamazoo, the city and county I worked in for thirty years, the river that runs through it, and the song, I’ve Got a Gal in Kalamazoo, plus two colleges (Kalamazoo and Kalamazoo Valley Community College).   
But then breakfast foods from Kellogg’s and Special K commercials crept in, all from the county next door, Calhoun (which starts with the sound if not the letter K).   Oh, and of course the K car from Chrysler
Then from further a field came Kickapoo, a Native American people who once migrated through this area, and a word that I probably first heard as a kid from Al Capp’s cartoon strip, Lil Abner -- Kickapoo Joy Juice was the home brew of Dogpatch, (see all the details at http://www.lil-abner.com/).   
But to find my daily photo, I needed a K.  When I looked over to the fireplace mantel, I found Kannon and Krishna for you.  
Did other English speakers have my problem:  the cascade of C words that intruded on the thinking about K?  Is there really a difference between the hard C of California and the K of Kansas?   Why the two different spellings?!  Do we know a librarian who could help? 
OK, no more kidding around.  Before you kick back and enjoy all the contributions to K-day, my you find the key to your own!  And then visit ABC Wednesday!


  1. You don´t say! I had quite a problem, so I had to take it in swedish!
    But you did alwright I see! Good work!

    Annelie E
    ABC Wednesday team

  2. Many K words today, I enjoyed your little commentary on the many K things rolling around in your brain. I think I'll Kick back and Kiss this post good-bye. ; )

  3. whoever started those letters .. made a a lot of confusion to the readers...

  4. Great job. Yep, the Ks and Cs were dancing around in my head too even though I just post pictures. Weirdo I am. Yoda I am becoming.

  5. I like Krishna for your K day. Kalamazoo would also be nice. I have some family there. Spent alot of summers in that area as a child.

  6. What a fun post for the K Day! Amazing how many words we can come up with once we start looking, isn't it? I love yours and it brought back some fun memories as well! Enjoy the rest of your week!


  7. Your post has reminded me of cereal and now I must go get some =]

    Great K post!

    Through The Photographs

  8. You did a great job with the letter K. I literally couldn't think of any K words that I had photographs of except for kite although after visiting other sites I realized there were a few others I could have used. I thought K was very hard.

  9. I'm a librarian, but not a linguist. Words develop from so many different roots.
    The trouble I have w K is the SILENT K (like KNOT) which never come to mind.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  10. Great job - I, too, found myself counting on my fingers (similar to syllable counting) for K's that were NOT C's. :)

  11. You made the Letter K quite a "hoot". I was smiling as I read ~~ all the way to the bottom.

    Very clever and very informative!

  12. I remember "I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo (zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo-zoo)" and I also remember Kickapoo Joy Juice.
    And the K Car, well, it was just made for me, but I never owned one.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, and, yes, I always get a kick out of "from the last century"! Makes me feel like an oldie but goodie.

    K, Alberta

  13. So blessed inspiration for this K theme!
    You are very creative and know so well how to use the words, your narrative is so interesting! :)
    Thanks for your lovely words and so gentle visit in our Bonjour Luxembourg.

  14. The joys of the English language.

  15. «Louis» got a Kick out of your K post, Helen...