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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Going somewhere?

I have been enchanted by this cottage for a long time and finally I can highlight it for all on ABC Wednesday's G-day.  It was found, of course, while gadding about Fabius Township.  Does it have a galley or even a galliot, is it a gabbart or have a garboard, and where is the gangway?  I might call its color glaucaus, but I am positive its builder was not gormless.  I don't think it is ocean going; it probably cannot even sail Long Lake where it is docked.   But it knows where it wants to go.
But if it sails after all these years and given its registry, I think it will be back!
This post is in gratitude for all the ways the Latvian immigrants have enriched Fabius Township.

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OK, OK I will string you along no longer: for the source of my G-words, go to the font of all oddball words, Stephen Chrisomalis'  Phronotistery.


  1. I love the porthole windows on this land bound house. So interesting! Great shot!

  2. great alliteration!

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  3. What a fun building! You would almost expect to be rocked to sleep!

    Jay - ABC Wednesday Team

  4. Amusing building. What are the odds that the house won't "Pitch and Roll"?


  5. Phronotistery! What a great word and a great resource! Thankyou! I've put it in my favourites! That will keep me going for quite a few ABC Wednesdays! I only hope I use words as well as you do!

  6. A very clever take on the letter of the week. I too am very interested in this cottage... Michelle