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Monday, September 20, 2010

Signs of the times

I am blogging to you from home again, although I have chosen a photo from downtown Three Rivers to greet you with.  These are windows in the old power plant on the Rocky River just before it enters the St. Joe, but today it is LA's Coffee Cafe with wireless access and offices for small companies like Zen Computing and a travel company.  I took the picture because I love neon signs, but I think I have internet on the mind since the week on the shores of Lake Superior meant such intermittent access, piggybacking on a weak signal from somewhere down the road.  Oddities of the modern world include such telecommunications mysteries as this: my cell phone does not work at home but had great reception up north!


  1. «Louis» likes the neon signs, too - and the juxtaposition of the Zen Computer sign over the Internet cafe´is certainly a 'sign' of the times...

  2. There are just too many things to say about this juxtaposition. I've enjoyed your "Superior" photos. I hope to get up to the U.P. as soon as the colors turn a bit more.