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Sunday, August 22, 2010

a doggy bridge in Three Rivers

You may recall my lament last week about lack of bridges in Fabius, so for this week's Sunday Bridges we wandered out of the township into downtown Three Rivers.  This pedestrian bridge crosses  the Rocky River, which has left the township half a mile back and is headed now for its junction with the St. Joseph River. The St. Joe then heads south for South Bend, Indiana, and then north again to empty itself into Lake Michigan at the twin cities of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor.  And it is the St. Joe that names this county in Michigan and South Bend's county as well. 

We were in town to participate in the Animal Rescue Fund's Doggy Wash.  ARF is a dedicated group of animal lovers who work to ensure the spaying of cats and dogs in the county.  Willow took part in this annual event for the first time and then got to wander the river's edge and cross the bridge.  Behind the bridge are the building backs of Three Rivers' one-block downtown district. 

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  1. Oh, such a nice picture! That's so great that you found a bridge. :D I enjoyed reading your post, and that's wonderful that you were able to participate in ARF's Doggy Wash. It sounds like a very good organization.

  2. my dog would love to cross this bridge, too.:p i wish we have ARF's Doggy Wash here. lovely post.

  3. ARF sounds like a great group of people doing wonderful work.

  4. That's a lovely bridge shot, with a sweet dog.