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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge, Annapolis

Digging around in my photo archives in order not to be left out of Louis' Sunday Bridges once more, I came across photos from May 2006 when we traveled east for a wedding in Baltimore.  We had time to explore Annapolis and here is one of the places we visited, the Maryland World War II Memorial, situated above the Severn River and the bridge into Annapolis.  The bridge was dedicated as a Pearl Harbor Memorial just last December 8, 2009, so it was still simply the Severn River Bridge.  Here is a slide show of the dedication ceremony from Hometown Annapolis.  We stopped and strolled around the extensive grounds of this memorial, impressive on its own and then you add the view of the bridge and Annapolis across the river.

Here is the best description with photos that I have found about the Memorial, The Historical Marker Database.    Here is a site that shows all the plaques at the World War II Memorial and proclaims itself a guide to interesting sights all over the world,  Waymarking.com.

Discovering this photo has brought back many memories of that trip -- first long trip in the Prius and it was nearing 60 mpg in the mountains, the happy bride and groom and their friends and family from the US and Mexico, great seafood, the chance to see Baltimore and the places where The Wire was made.  You may visit the bride and groom at their respective websites: Carla is an internationally know opera singer (Carla Dirlikov.com) and Michael, also a magnificent singer, a Philadelphia restoration carpenter (WMG Restoration).  Talk about talented young people!


  1. Bridges are wonderful alone, but the story behind this one makes it especially memorable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. «Louis», being a WWII history buff, appreciates this unique contribution to Sunday Bridges.

    Your mention of the singers and opera set off the Flower Duet from Rusalka in his mental MP3 player...


  3. This is lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you everyone! And Louis glad the mention of singers brought such lovely music to your mind!