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Friday, August 13, 2010

Hazy, lazy skies of summer

I took this photo from the pier at the boat launch and had to obey the order not to swim here -- but it was oh, so tempting.  Despite the haze of heat over Corey Lake (right across the road from yesterday's Harwood Lake)  you can still see the blue skies and fluffy clouds of one more very hot day.  In the foreground are a couple of empty swimmin rafts/ floating docks, but in the far distance are manned sail boats seeking breezes at midday.
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Corey is the biggest of our many Fabius lakes with two summer youth camps and more than enough cottages which attract folks from Indiana and Illinois and beyond.  As a child I attended one of the camps run by the South Bend, Indiana, YMCA, never knowing that one day I would be back not as a visitor but as a resident.  What once used to be small summer cottages empty in the winter are rebuilt now into year-round homes.

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