Exploring Fabius Township and St. Joseph County, Michigan, with side trips all over this Great Lakes state

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Escaping the heat

This is a scene from Harwood Lake in Cass County on the west side of County Line Rd and technically no longer in Fabius Township, but the water from Harwood flows into Corey Lake in Fabius and St. Joseph County.  Technically, Louis la Vache should let me submit a photo of the road since it is the bridge over the intersection of these two lakes.  Today we would never fill in the wetlands between the lakes for a roadway.

In any event, Willow and I checked it out today, one more scorcher in this  summer of scorchers, and found this pontoon of "folks" cruising around the lake looking for the cool breeze of two.  I had no idea the driver had company until Willow attracted the attention of his passengers, first one, then two, and finally three of them interested in the Golden wading in the water at the boat launch.

Why were we even out and about today?!  Because Miss Willow had to go the vet for what I feared was bloating and a blockage and turned out to be a tummy ache to be treated with Pepto-Bismol.  The major symptom: refusing treats since dinner the evening before.  Truly that is a serious symptom in a Golden!  By the time we got to the vet at 10 am, she was feeling much better and so we did a tour of the more southern regions of the township as we headed home.  Stayed tuned for more photos of that tour.


  1. Good lookin' fellos on the boat. Hope your pup is feeling better. Nothing worse than a Golden with jaws that aren't moving.

  2. I'm glad the problem with Willow was not serious. This is a lovely view. Stay cool this weekend!