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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Vote today!

Yes, it is primary election day in Michigan and off we went to vote at the Fabius Township Hall.  (You see I do leave the meadow now and then!)

The big race is the one for governor since the current governor Democrat Jennifer Granholm is term- limited.   Five Republicans and two Democrats are vying to run in November.  No longer do you have to declare which party's ballot you want -- both are on the same ballot -- but signs everywhere in the hall declare, "Do not vote for more than one party!"     With our unemployment rate still the highest in the country, the slogan from all candidate is "I will create jobs!" or "As my record shows, I will be best at creating jobs."  One group will cut taxes to accomplish this and the other will rely more on government incentives to businesses.   Too bad that electioneering makes sloganeering the primary way in which we "discuss" solutions to complicated issues like this.

Our township hall is a recycled church of the Jehovah Witnesses whose congregation built a new one in Three Rivers.  Before that the hall was the recycled Grange building, which unfortunately stands empty today as does the original small one room township hall.   Monthly township meeting were held in the Grange and the township offices were in the one room building.  It was a visit to the past, probably the early 20th century, to go there and pay your property taxes.  Now everything is under one roof.  By the way the hall is on our very own Broadway which runs east-west through Three Rivers and Fabius Township, with only bright lights those of the Meijer store, a Michigan grocery/big box store once called Thrifty Acres. 


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