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Saturday, August 28, 2010

We bag our own!

We moseyed over to Corey Lake Orchards today to get pears and eggplants (and also some of the first apples just picked this week) when Beth saw me with my camera.  She asked me if I would take a picture of the guys bagging these onions.  People are asking, she said, where the bags of onions hanging in the market are from.  "Well, from here!  We bag our own onions!"  So here is the photo of the guys finishing up bagging onions for the day.  That is Beth on the right below and her arm and hand holding the onions above.  The market is full to bursting so don't miss out on the great fresh food here in our own backyard.  Next week Beth will have a special on tomatoes that are extremely plentiful this year.  Stay tuned for the date.

1 comment:

  1. I like it when farms open to the public like this and let you pick your own. I used to love to go to the strawberry farms in France and sample the wares before we purchased.

    Those onions look really neat in the first photo. I couldn't figure out what they were in the thumbnails.