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Saturday, April 17, 2010

As predicted, frost

Yes, in the low spots this morning, there was the frost coating the oregano and the thyme and the grasses and the anything in a low spot.  But the fresh dogwood blossoms seemed to be fine.  We are off to the Earth Day celebration at the county fairgrounds in Centreville with a car loaded with hazardous materials, oil-based paints, and lots of old computer equipment. 


  1. hee hee
    No doubt the dandelions survived the frost, too...

  2. Oregano plus frost looks very much like sage!

  3. Nice dogwood photo for your banner! Maybe I'll see you at the fairgrounds, I ordered some plants.
    My computer is only working occasionally... bleh. Christine

  4. Glad the blossom seems to have survived.
    I love the sound of your outing. De-cluttering the house is my favourite occupation!

  5. Winter does not give up without a fight.

  6. I'm hoping we don;t get any more frost!