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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Corey Lake Orchards abloom

In the orchard it is the cherries in bloom; in the woods it is the Amelanchier or Shadblow or Serviceberry, call this graceful tree what you will.  Both have such delicate white blossoms, but yesterday Willow and I concentrated on the cherry trees at the Corey Lake Orchards, the place where you must go for the best fruits and vegetables all season long.  And for homemade apple brandy -- a close cousin of slivovitz.
Not too long a wait and those shelves above the signs will be loaded with good things to eat!  For directions and more information, visit their website: http://www.coreylakeorchards.com/


  1. I'm almost ready to start counting the days.

  2. It's so pretty - we have been talking about going out there to paint. Did you hear about the paintout adventure in the Fennville vineyard?
    And congrats for being front page, top 'o the fold news on Monday!

    Sorry I haven't been looking at the computer much lately, you have been posting some lovely photos.-Christine

  3. «Louis'» mother's family originated in another apple-growing area: Normandie.

  4. ~Louis~ my paternal grandmother was named Archambeault and her mother's maiden name was Chantal Desormier. The family came from St. Rocque, Quebec, just after the US Civil War to work in the Studebaker carriage and wagon maker in South Bend, Indiana. But I do not know from which part of France they had come originally.