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Monday, April 12, 2010

llamas around

As you drive around Clear Lake, you pass the Brook llama farm and experience the joy of seeing these magnificent animals.  For me they have a mythical quality; I see centaurs when they stand and gaze at me.  Both their caregivers are artists: Judith in fiber (llama, of course) and Brian in metal.  For more about the art, go to Moondance Metal Art.  You can also learn more about their work on the Three Rivers Artists Guild website individual artists' pages.
Now for more about llamas in Michigan, the only place to go is the Michigan Llama Association.


  1. Helen, was happy to find your site....I also wanted to invite you to my farm for some pictures that I think others might really love, it is Corey Lake Orchards, and the cherries are in bloom, with many other beautiful spring growths to follow. Come out or email me and I will give you a tour and point out some scenes that others would like to see. Beth

  2. Llamas? In Michigan?

    «Louis» thanks you for advertising his coffee!

  3. Oh, and «Louis» sends his greetings to his cousins in your masthead photo, too!