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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Serbian "White Angel"

Sometime in the spring and summer of 1969 when I was living in Belgrade, Yugoslavia (today Serbia), I found and purchased this small reproduction of a portion of the Resurrection fresco from the Milaseva Monastery in southwestern Serbia.   Called the "White Angel," some believe it is Gabriel telling the women, "He is not here."   I was and remain taken with it and all these years later it hangs in my house and anchors the palm from each year's Palm Sunday at St. Gregory's Abbey (where Abbey Rose came from).  For more about the Abbey, visit their homepage: http://www.saintgregorysthreerivers.org/
For more about the Milaseva Monastery and the efforts to save the medieval art it houses check this site: http://srpskoblago.org/Archives/Mileseva/index.html


  1. Wish you had written a little more about this as the photo is stunning. I guess I can google about the Serbian white angel. Fits with the iconostasis on our blog today!!!


  2. That's a great photo for Easter! Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter!

  3. Perfect for Easter.

    Mme la Vache et «Louis» wish you a blessed Easter.