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Thursday, April 1, 2010

How could I have forgotten red thursday?

Abbey Rose is not red, but her resting place on the sofa is!
A little more about Abbey who is named after the place where she was abandoned one winter and the question of how could anyone abandon such a beauty.  I cannot answer the latter but the monks of St. Gregory's Abbey rescued her and then convinced me to adopt her.  She was so frightened of everyone that it took me a month of days going into the room where she was kept and luring her with treats before she would let me even touch her.  I worked part time helping the abbot prepare new books for the abbey library and my workroom was a floor below her "cell" so visiting her daily was no chore.
And once she came home it took another month to once again calm her down.  She would hide in the basement and come out for food only if no one was there.  She and I worked very hard at getting to know each other! 
And now she is as Louie and B say,  calm and contentment personified!


  1. ...and Abbey Rose appears to be quite content.

  2. That is a picture of pure contentment.