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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A good catch

Just leaving after a pretty good day on Mud Lake, this fisherman is taking advantage of Michigan's system of public boat launches, over 1300 of them.  Mud Lake is shallow and as the warm days increase will be covered with lily pads.  It is surrounded by bigger lakes, Clear, Corey, and Kaiser.   In Fabius, it is hard to miss a lake!  These lakes, along with Pleasant and Long, attract people from Indiana and Illinois, and unlike Mud Lake are lined with cottages.  But in recent years the cottages sadly are being replaced with McMansions. 

The pail holds this fisherman's catch of crappie (which I tend pronounce croppie; I think it is sort of like to-may-to/ or to-ma-to) and perch, which he rated a small catch compared to other recent Mud Lake fishing trips.

Remember, click to enlarge photos, and check out that tree in the pail!

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  1. The tree in the pail is almost as cool as the fish! (Did you say that dreaded word?)