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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

And the C's came crashing in

Such calm I felt as I considered how to compose a contribution for C-day.   I have a calico cat and a week ago I had captured her in a photo crouched on the porch railing.   As I contemplated the photo, I began to realize it was crammed with C’s: behind her the cedar shingles of the house and the cable from the satellite dish plus through the window to her right a lighted bulb on the Christmas tree.  “Criminetly!!!” I cried,  “there’s even the clapper of the chimes hanging above her cranium!  And by cracky!  those blurry blobs in the foreground are snow crowns on the seedpods of the Purple Coneflowers.”

But I confess: there are more C’s caught up in this story.  This calico’s name is Caliste/Kalliste which in Greek means most beautiful.  Her nickname is Cali/Kali from the fierce Hindu goddess, the Dark Mother.   And her personality contains both qualities.   Just like the letter C itself – is she soft or hard?  She will cuddle up on your lap any chance she gets.  But she is not a companion to the other cats (Ruby and Abbey, another calico) and merely tolerates, rather condescendingly at that, the company of Willow.   How could we have done such a callous thing as bring a dog into her castle!

I am now utterly confused by the number of C’s cascading into this contribution and will caress the keyboard no longer.  If you crave less contrived and corny contact with C’s, please join the company of Mrs. Nesbitt and companions at ABC Wednesday.


  1. Could a cat celebrate contentedness without a crack on the cranium? Certainly! Could I consider leaving without a comment? Certainly not! :-)

  2. what a cuddly looking cat...:)
    Visit my ABC: Carabao...Cousins entry as well. Have followed your blog, hope you can do the same. Thanks!

  3. Helen, you are a riot!

    She's a beauty, regardless of her quirky personality.

    ABC Team

  4. too many to COUNT
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Thank you all for coming by! Cali is refusing however to give out autographs.

  6. Cali looks quite content. Such a pretty kitty. :)

  7. You are the alliteration queen! Thanks for sharing with us.
    Donna - ABC Team

  8. Helen,
    Great "C" post!
    Also, I love your profile picture
    with (I assume) you hubby in the
    background waving. AND ...
    I have friend's from Three Rivers.
    Small world!

  9. My jaw dropped! My youngest daughter's name is Kallista and we call her Kali for short. I chose the name precisely because of it's Greek meaning and the fact that her nickname would be a stand-alone name that was a symbol of feminine power. Great minds, Helen! She loves animals, I can't wait to show her the photo of your Cali. Nice job with the C's!

  10. Thanks everyone for the comments on my crazy, corny contribution.
    Vickie, yes, that is hubby waving behind me and from Wisconsin! Wow, friends from Three Rivers -- very small world.
    pam, unbelievable!!!!!!!! I kind of cheated by using the contemporary spelling. As you probably know there is no C in Greek.