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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Ready for summer

A pale winter sun is setting, and highlighting these two empty Adirondack chairs on the shores of Pleasant Lake.  Most but all of the snow cover is diminishing in the 40 degree temperatures of the last few days, there were still brave, or nutty, ice fisherman on the lake, but no one prepared to sit themselves in the setting sun.

For shots of shadows, please visit the intrepid photographer "Hey Harriet."


  1. Empty chairs, but maybe next month they have somebody to sitting on them. :-)
    Thanks for visiting at my site Kuusela.

  2. I love this picture. The shadows of the chairs in the snow and the tree's shadow in the upper corner. Not sure what the chairs are facing, but they seem to be saying, "Come sit and enjoy the view"!! Great shot!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love all the little dappled shadows as well as the ones of the chair and tree (?) Even though it looks bitterly cold, it appears so inviting too.

  4. Are you SURE no one is in those chair? :-)


    A seeker of shadows one day
    Did trip as she went on her way;
    She picked herself up
    And dipped from a cup
    Of shadowy lemon parfait!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Memories

  5. At first, I thought these were shadows on beach, then I realized they were on snow!!! We have Spring trees in full bloom in the San Francisco area!

  6. Love the soft subtle shadows in the snow. I'd love to see a photo taken of this same spot in the middle of summer! Would be a fun comparison! Have a great week :)

  7. I'm late getting around!
    What a great shot! Love the shadows and the bravery of sitting by the ice!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!