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Friday, February 25, 2011

Last of the ice on Skywatch Friday

Yes, the sky in southwest Michigan is blue today -- at least, it was this bright at noon today, although now at two in the afternoon the clouds are back.   So it goes.

The sun was working its will on the ice remaining on our trees.  In trying to capture the falling ice, I chanced to catch another cardinal.  I thought this additional posting featuring a cardinal would satisfy their hurt feeling, but they are now clamoring for header status like the bluejay!

Please seek out more skies from the around the world on this week's Skywatch Friday.


  1. The ice looks so beautiful on the trees. I just hope the ice doesn't bring any power lines down.

    This winter even if our mornings start off blue they have become cloudy by noon. But hey! February is almost over.

  2. OH I wish for the day to see a cardinal...we don't have them where I live....you mention the bluejay...again we don't have them but we do have the stellar jay...a beautiful bird but pesky to the littler birds and has such a harsh call....

    Wonderful photo! Happy Weekend to you!

  3. The blue sky...the bright red cardinal...the glistening ice--they all come together synchronously in this photo!


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