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Monday, February 21, 2011

Yikes! now an Ice storm!

There in the middle is a white pine who has turned into a weeping pine from the the weight of the ice that came last night.  Electricity has been out in SW Michigan for thousands.  We are some of the lucky ones whose power is back  -- on again at noon after going out at about 3 am last night.  It was a cold dark world we awoke to, but beautiful once it was light out.  Unfortunately there are many broken tree limbs all around us. 


  1. We lost part of a big tree -- but it is so amazingly beautiful. Power is out in Mendon, all the way down to Leonidas, not expected to come back on until tomorrow!

    Nice photo, Helen. -Christine

  2. It was absolutely beautiful, and also eerie this morning. Just the sound of cracking ice and the distant hum of generators. Our power finally came back on after 6pm and I was grateful! Hoping it stays on despite the weather.