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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Egregious (how many pins can dance on a baseball hat?)

More egregious (and why does a piece of cheese dance on its top?) 

most egregious (and what is that noise those angels are making?)

You see before you the extravagant accoutrements of an excited fan, an esteemed friend.  So I fervently hope this E-Day entry does not ensue in enmity of any sort between us.  Why did I bypass exemplify or epitomize or a simple excellent for this extraordinary display of team loyalty?  Will I  end up paying for this; might I eventually have regrets?

I will admit: even I was excited for the Packers, once they exited the Bears from the National Football League playoffs.  Super Bowl Sunday is a great excuse for a party and we had a very enjoyable one.  So why I have now engaged in coupling this ecstatic Packer fan's accoutrements with this particular adjective?   Because I love this word and it was the first e-word to enter my noggin as I worked on exactly what to do for E-Day  Egregious is wonderful to the ear as it glides off your tongue.  Then the problem became how to exemplify it...........

Eureka!  a Packers cap and cheese horn!  I am afraid the definition fits exactly and excellently.  Yes, we see the conspicuous in these photos, and, especially, the conspicuously bad.  But who has ever expounded on the good taste of football fans?!

P.S. Webster also gives “distinguished” as an archaic form of meaning -- an egregious error when applied in this case!

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  1. I love it! And what a fun post for the E Day!! And it does look as though a great time was had!! Hope the fun continues!!

    ABC Team

  2. I think you are the winner for the number of E words on one post. This is a prize and I give you A+++ and 3 gold stars.

  3. Hey these are great shots... I was rooting for the Packers all the Way..... Love your hat.

  4. did Green Bay win the Super Bowl/ Hadn't heard...

    OK, congrats to the cheeseheads.
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  5. Nothing egregious about the excellent Packer fans. Go Packers!!

  6. Excellent choice for this week's theme! For your information, the epitaph was taken in an Armenian Church, so I believe the language must be Armenian?